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Car Wash

Car Wash in Raymore, MO

Gulf Express offers a touchless, automatic car wash on-site for the convenience of all guests. With a range of different washing options, you have the opportunity to get a full Fire & Ice Wash for $12.00 or a quick Express Wash for just $6.00. Turtle Wax Fire and Turtle Wax Ice are two of Turtle Wax Pro's most popular products to date, being the reason this car wash earned its title as the Gulf Express Fire & Ice Wash. 
All washes include a high-pressure rinse, underbody blast, AND spot free rinse, making our car wash at Gulf Express one of the best for the price. You also have the opportunity to receive car wash discounts through our VIP text program. To become a member, text 'GULF' to 76626!
Next time you're at Gulf, take an extra minute or two to run through our touchless car wash, fill up your tank, and put some air in those tires!


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